Le Titia de la Luz  "Tia"   Imported from Germany 

P.R.E. Andalusian & Lusitano Mares

 Zalamera MAC -  Imported PRE ANCCE Revised Mare 

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Imported from Spain in 2017
sire: Fuego de Cardenas - dam: Ilusa-MAC
16.3 Black Bay ANCCE Revised Mare

Both Sire and Dam are ANCCE Qualified (Calificado) and BOTH Grandsire’s are also Calificado. Her Global Genetic Index (the ability to transmit to its offspring specific favorable characteristics suitable for dressage) is 106.22 - Fuego's is 106.44.

Zalamera had a filly by Nabi MAC and she is outstanding!

Imported from Germany 
sire: Brincador XI - dam: Gitanilla-CEN
15.3 Grey  ANCCE Revised
2016 Pin Oak Horse Show
            Champion Senior Mare
            Grand Champion Mares all ages
            Champion Mares ATH

2015 IALHA   National Top 5 (actual 3rd out of 13) Senior Mare
2015 IALHA National Top 5 (3rd out of 13) Senior Mare - ATH

Adelina RLA  Champion Half Andalusian Mare 


Imported Lusitano Mare

sire: Nicola - dam: Noiva
15.1 Buckskin 
2014 USEF Grand Champion Andalusian/Lusitano
2014    National Top 5 Senior Mare
2014    Res. Champion Senior Mare - ATH
(champion in many other regional and national competitions)

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 Brincadora XLVII - Imported PRE Revised Mare -  SOLD