Mark discovered horses later in life, but I was born a horse lover.

When I was a kid we did a lot of camping. It used to be popular for campgrounds to offer hourly horseback riding as one of their amenities. I would save my money throughout the year so I could ride every chance I got.

When I was 11, we moved our camper to a permanent campground a half hour from our home. I talked the rancher into letting me work summers in exchange for riding.

At 13, I got my first horse, a very safe quarter horse. My parents didn't know anything about horses, so they insisted I take lessons. The first person in the phone book gave saddleseat lessons and everything changed.

Chery and her first horse.

Rotego, Spanish stallion purchased in Germany

Eight years later, I bought my first Lusitano. She was my inspiration to ride again.

Eleven years later, Mark and I named our farm, Rotego Ranch, after the horse that started us on this amazing journey.

Today, we own several P.R.E.s which includes a 16.3 hand Calificado stallion we imported from Spain. We also own several Lusitanos which includes our mare which was 2014 USEF National Grand Champion, our stallion which was 2015 USEF Res. National Grand Champion, and our recently imported FEI level black/bay stallion. Our grand kids are involved with the horses,which makes this an even more rewarding journey.

Imported Lusitano Mare Ucrania Interagro

I showed American Saddlebreds throughout my teens and 20's.

Then I took a break from horses and horse shows to raise my kids. After the last child went off to college, my husband and I were invited to go on a trail ride by one of his colleges. My husband caught the bug!

We bought a couple of horses and we both spent our spare time at the barn. A few months later, Caterpillar transferred my husband to Germany and everything changed again.

I was introduced to the Iberian horses. I bought an amazing horse to ride and take lessons on while we were there.

Rotego was the most amazing horse I'd ever ridden. I have yet to see a horse with a Passage like his. His "spunk" and talent were the perfect combination for me.

My instructors were given quite the challenge. They had to convert a saddleseat rider, who hadn't ridden in 25 years, to a dressage rider in just a few years.

I can still hear Anna saying, "Chery, you do not need to help the horse move. He can do this on his own...You just sit and let him do!" (this is much better with her accent and very loud
hand gestures)

In addition to Rotego, we bought a couple P.R.E. babies to start our new farm. When it came time to move back to the US, we found out all had passed the blood test except one. Rotego was EquinePiroplasmosis positive. It broke my heart.
It took me a while to get over this. I tried to find a horse for several  years and just gave up. There would never be a horse to replace him.

About Us

In addition to our P.R.E.s and Lusitanos, we have a couple of 1/2 Andalusians. Adelina RLA who was 2015 USEF National Grand Champion 1/2 and too many additional titles to mention here.

We will be standing our stallions to a very limited amount of mares and will have limited offspring for sale in the coming years. It is our goal to own and breed only the finest of both the Iberian breeds..

About Us

Rotego Ranch Iberian Horses

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The passion runs deep in the family!